So Colbert is going to CBS

Stephen Colbert is taking over for Letterman.


Hooray for Colbert, I guess. I’m glad he’s going where he wants to go, and I’m glad he’s going to have a network that seems pretty ok with getting weird on late night. I’m glad Craig Ferguson is keeping his spot- he didn’t want to take over for Letterman anyway, from what I’ve read.

It’s sad that yet another middle aged white guy is getting a late night desk, and it’s sad that the character of Stephen Colbert from “The Colbert Report” will be no more. Colbert’s blend of humor, irony, and honesty has been fun as hell to watch, and anyone that can get Bill O’Reilly this confused will always be a hero in my book.

look how perplexed that face is.

He’s been a great voice in the news/comedy landscape, and I’ll miss him. I hope CBS is a good home.