Commonplace Book – 03.07.2015

Saturday Afternoon, Seattle, 50 degrees and Sunny.

What I’ve Been Reading: I love public opinion surveys, and THIS ONE  from The Economist/YouGov is no exception. There’s tons of great questions and the results are broken down across a number of categories, which means I could pore over it for weeks. The part of this that I’ve been mulling over is on page 41:


93% of senior citizens say they do not receive gov’t subsidies for medical care. The correct answer is 10%. So, according to the survey, approximately 83% percent of Americans over 65 believe that they don’t receive subsidies when they in fact do receive those subsidies. There’s 44 million people aged 65+ in the US. Doing a little math, (73% of those 65+ vote ), and that 83% represents about 27 million votes. That’s a lot of people.

What I’ve Been Listening To:
Natalie Prass

Viet Cong


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